On the day I went to the polish festival, I sent a message to Hottie McDogwalker, (who LOVES to hear the details of my dating life) that said, "Today was supposed to be the day I got married at the Polish Festival, please think good thoughts for me today, I will need them!"

He responds with "I was riding a horse when I got this message and def thoughts about you at the Polish festival today. You were with your man. Your lil' man -- Picasso!!! wink emoticon See you in the morning."

A few days later, I dropped a coupon off for a 60 minute massage for $40 from my favorite massage therapist and he was SO excited. He went and got his first massage in 10 years. (Yay! I'm bringing self care things into his life, and notice it's a coupon and I didn't buy it -- thoughtful but not over the top.)

We run into each other often, and If I tell him to go try a certain type of skewer at the grocery store, he'll go buy it. He does the same, so I do the same... Basically if I tell him to do something he does it, and we talk about it later and how rad it is. We literally run into each other 6x a week b/c of dog walking and an additional 5x a week organically. I see him a lot., and we talk a ton.

Fastforward to last night,

So, I went on a date with a guy from Tinder last night, we'll call him Blondie McNonProfit, it went great... so happy to be out of the house, great conversation. Then at the very end of the night we kissed, and there were no sparks. Dammit! If there were sparks, I would consider, but unforch, not the sitch!! (I feel like talking like a valley girl right now.)

On my way out of the house on the short hiatus between one date with this guy to our part 2 date, I ran into Hottie McDogwalker (HMDM), who I see ALL the time because the universe is constantly putting him in my path.

So then as I'm walking out, looking sassy in my boots and dress, he's like "Where are you going?!" and I say "I'm going on a date!!!" ----- he screeches to a halt and says... "OH???? Who ? what? Are you going to make this guy put together furniture?!?! "

So we talk about how this is date part two and he's very interested, hanging off my every word, totally excited for me.

He then says "Well you look really pretty."

::::::Heart melt::::::


My first internal dialogue is like "No you look pretty." hahahahaha.

First time he's ever said anything of the sort. egads, so lovely to be complimented by this fine specimen of a man...

"Thank you!" Big smile...

We chat again for 10 more minutes, I'm late to meet Blondie McNonProfit at the concert cause "I had to talk to my neighbor." OMG. I am terrible.

So, date kiss falls flat. I go home and I have to Picasso out for a potty break, and it's like 1am, and I think to myself, I so wish I would run into HMDW, and sure enough in front of the building he's hanging out with his very handsome guy friends. PIcasso is pulling me towards him at full doggy speed, because they're good friends, and he's like "How was the date?!" And I proceeded to say how fun it was but no sparks...and we talked about levels of maturity.

He starts to talk about the kind of person he could see ME with, someone who has their act together, etc... And how I need to meet them organically not online, etc.

Now I think of HMDM, as like a seriously mature guy, for being 29 he's got a thriving business, and is very professional and direct, he's so handsome he's never had to do online dating, women just throw themselves at him. He's got a very sexy authoritative part of him because of having to have this sort of leader of the pack thing with dogs. It's also what makes him so handsome, in addition to being pretty calm and zen, and cool and just genuinely sweet.

Then he mentions, that his girlfriend and him just broke up this week!!!!!(Internally, I'm doing a little happy dance.) Then, I remember that there was some girl who was coming out of his apartment a week or so ago, that I was CONVINCED that was not his girlfriend but his sister because "There is no WAY that could be his girlfriend" --- She was so plain, and quite honestly her energy was all sorts of not good.

I imagined he'd be with a super model, with someone who was just drop dead gorgeous with a sassy personality and super stylish. This girl looked like an angry mouse.

I ask if that was her? He confirms it...

His friend chimes in, "Yea dude she was really plain, and she also had RBF really bad."

"What's that?" we asked.

"Resting bitch face" we died laughing.

Apparently HMDW loves, plain natural looking women, and he confirmed this.

I get into bed and have a tarot card deck on my phone, and I never use this, but I decided to have the app pull a card about this situation, and the one and only card I pull is....... wait for it.........


*heart emoticon* Swoon.