T-minus 1 hours to Sweedeedee brunch with Hottie McDogwalker... I'm going to try to take secret pictures. Portland friends, it would be funny if you just so happened to stop by and make me look exceptionally loved and popular, and of course you can check him out. hahahahaha! Just kidding... I need to concentrate. ‪#‎realiferealitytelevisionshow‬

Oohhh... So the brunch lasted for 2 hours of intensely deep conversation with Hottie McDogwalker. It was pretty amazing. I feel like i can see into his soul! That being said he is seeing someone for the last 7 months, and there was something going on with him and that girl on my floor where she told him that she loved him and he was hoping that it was just casual, so he had to break things off that way.

But he still pretty much has a girlfriend, who he hasn't seen for a while since she's been away for a few months on a yoga training retreat or something. I am starting to think maybe he's poly? But I did get him to dive deep into all of his relationships. I heard everything. I got him to talk so deeply about everything in his life. It was amazing!! I did this by sharing some deep intimate stuff about me too!

We got deep into his business and I shared some ideas with him, and he appeared to have a few mind blown moments, which was very satisfying for me, t get him to think deeply about how to help more people with their dogs without sacrificing himself.

As we were leaving I said "You aren't even going to recognize me in a year, because of how many changes are going on in my life right now." And he said, what are you talking about? I'm going to be watching you go through them."

Needless to say, I think he is amazing. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm amazing. And we had our first hug. I got into more detail about the Ikea experiments, and he thought they were genius. Little does he know that he's an experiment himself. We're going to call this one "The Muse".