Hottie McDogWalker Update Part 3:

Shit is getting good!

Me: Hello kind sir, I have a 1.5 hour massage booked for tomorrow at 9am, is it possible for me to drop Picasso off at 8:40am on my way out?

Him: Yes ma'am! I am a supporter of getting massages. :)

Me: Sweet! I'm practicing celibacy at the moment, so it's like a coping method...Just like when I lived in Tokyo.

(5 minutes later)

Me: Omg I just realized that sounded like I was going to a place with a happy ending. LMAO... What I meant to say is it's how I am coping with the lack of touch, cause in Tokyo there was no touching in the culture. Not even hugs!

Him (2 hours later) : Your comment did sound a little on the happy ending side, but I understood.

Him: CELIBACY IS AWESOME!!!! Did that for a year straight. Got lots done, grew a lot, learned a lot about myself to say the least. Keep on it!

Me: Hahaha! Thanks for sharing and relating. I feel like all the built up chi from no drinking and no lovers will help me with empire building. You can just call me the millionaire monk.

Him: It will big time... PS. I was just going over your contract info. Made me laugh out loud. :)

(I had put funny jokes throughout the entire contract... like where it said "marital status" I said --- Happily single (future ex wife of James franco))

Me: Awe! you think I'm funny. Thank you! Well when I get my stand up routine together, with all my jokes about me making guys put together ikea furniture for me, and installing stripper poles, you'll have to come watch me perform. haha! PS. I might be celibate, but the dating social experiments have only just begun.

Him: I would go to your standup show for sure!!! Dating experiments eh? You will have to clue me in on those and what you find. :) Ps. I'm in apartment ###

After he took Picasso we chatted for 15 minutes.

I asked him if instead of getting coffee on Friday if he wanted to do brunch at my favorite breakfast place instead. He said, That would be perfect, cause it's also his favorite breakfast place.

I was telling him about my love of the trout board, and then a different place with a trout board came up a few minutes later as we were talking about restaurants in the area.

He said, "Sounds like trout is your fish. It's a beautiful fish." He then looked me up and down. (I'm not kidding!)

Then I told him about sparkling coffee at my other favorite coffee place, which is like the MOST amazing thing ever.... he seemed very excited about hearing about this type of concoction . I said, well when I discovered it "Why doesn't everyone have this?" And the coffee people told me that they invented it.

He then said "Well I'm going to go have some right now, and learn how to make it."

"If you do, I will probably buy it all from you!" I exclaimed.

 "Sounds like a plan, Miss." he replied.


Coffee plans turned into future brunch plans. Now I feel like I'm really winning!

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