We've been sort of texting...

I text him the picture of Picasso with the blanket on his head and said "He's getting really good at staying in his bed, if I tuck him in."

 "Ha! Anyone would enjoy that, and want to stay. :) Hope you have a great weekend, Miss!" He replies.

 "Haha! You too. Are you doing anything fun?" I ask.

The next day he finally replies,  "I ate my weight in pizza, hung out with the fam that is town and got into bed early 'Twas mellow." :)

"Sounds fun! I went and hung out with friends I haven't seen in a decade. My head hurts! CHOPSTIX revenge!!!!" I replied.....(my last night of drinking, before I quit for good.)

 "Chopstix revenge? What does that mean Miss? :)   He says,
As for tomorrow I wanted to see if I was still on to pick up Picasso to start doggie day camp tomorrow. If you have any questions don't hesitate to hollar, hope you have had a great weekend so far."

 "Chopstix is a karaoke bar on Burnside that pours very heavy drinks. I think I might be swearing off alcohol for good. I can't stand being foggy and it's not helping me make my first million. Yes we're on for doggy day camp. So excited that it starts tomorrow!" I say.

"Awesome! We're heading out at 9am tomorrow if that's cool. I am in the same alcohol boat as you. Foggy = no millies. :)"

"Yep that works perfectly for me. I decided that every time I feel the urge to drink I'm going to try to take a ballet or pole class. I want to get in the best shape of my life. Become a champion pole / ballet / multimedia artist. Make a million dollars. Meet my entrepreneurial soul mate. Travel the world. Write a book. Do a Ted Talk. Die at the age of 93 while cliff jumping in Fiji." I reply.

 "Ha! 93 why not longer? I like the idea of replacing drinking with something different like a class. I feel like that would work for sure. James Franco and you would be a good fit. That guy does everything under the sun!" He replies.

An hour later

 "Hey miss I'm coming to grab Picasso. See you shortly!"

"Haha! I'll be there in a sec. I'm just getting home" I replied.

(it's 8:30 am, I KNEW he was thinking that I am coming home from a dude's house)

A few minutes later.

I say, "Ok I'm here. Come by anytime."

The door knocks at 9am on the dot, and I took off my long sleeve t-shirt prior to answering the door because I'm wearing a very cute lace tank top underneath.

He leans up on the door and looks me up and down and says with a sly smirk? "So how was your night last night!?" hahahaha.

I say 'Ummm it was great, but I'm not doing the walk of shame if that's what you are referring to. I had an appointment this morning."

We both giggled.

I ask him how his family time has been since his parents are in town, and we talk about having divorced parents, and how awesome it is to have parents that didn't fight but instead team parented.

He'll be back at noon to drop Picasso off.

About 10 mins after he leaves, I send a final text in response to his James Franco one 
"Yes in regards to the drinking thing, it seems to be the only thing holding me back from being my best self. In regards to Mr. Franco, I think he's into much younger ladies (he just got sexting a 17 y/o YIKES!) but I will take introductions to his Doppleganger. Actually I'm more of a Jason Schwartzman type of girl. Funny / nerdy / smarty pants. I don't really care much for pretty men. They're a dime a dozen and sometimes they lack things because life is too easy. Hope you and Pablo Picasso have fun today!! "

Hahahaha! I just negged him. Gotta knock em down before you build em up. LMAO!!!!