So we had a fantastic conversation today. He thinks this entire project Hottie McD Project is brilliant and has loved all of it. Even the part reading the reviews of women siding with me. He didn't take offense to it one bit, and loved the insight of being able to look into the opposite sex's mind. HMDW response about how it made some people feel uncomfortable "I don't know them... they don't know me... who cares? Keep doing what you are doing and what fascinates you...because it's working, you're going to get everything you want in this life!" We had a great conversation about meditation and crushes and women loving romantic fantasies.

The sad news is, as you may or may not know he is moving out the building to a place about 45 minutes away. He has an employee that lives here in the building that will be taking over starting Friday. So no more random run-ins, and no more pick up and drop offs. He did say he wants to meet up soon for coffee or dinner. So the friendship continues.. The GREAT news is, his employee is unbelievable HOT himself, I had a run in with him the other day and he was fun / flirty to talk with........and now starts Hottie McDogwalker PART DEUX.