For those of you just tuning in. I have had a crush on my dogwalker for 3 months. I wrote him a love letter / analysis of everything I learned about him, and he responded to each paragraph! WHAT GUY DOES THAT? He's a gem.... I think you ladies will love this.

Here you go miss..Let your readers know I say, sorry for the delay! *wink emoticon*

Jenna: I’m not exactly sure what is going on your side of things. You’ve had a girlfriend most of this time I’ve known you, and I have this belief if a guy is really into a girl, he’ll make a move. You haven’t really even hinted at one, so I’m sort of thinking that you think of me as just a friend. It’s hard to say since you’ve been tied up with someone else.

Dogwalker: At the moment to be honest, I am all business. Lots to do and I am pumped to spend the majority of my time and energy on that growth and expansion. No serious relationships or buddings in the current forecast for me darlin.

Jenna: I also think that I’m probably not the typical girl you’ve dated, (short, curvy, really excitable, totally quirky) and part of the experiment was seeing if I could get your attention. I am single for the first time in 4 years, and some of this is can I set my eyes on something and make it happen: A lesson in manifestation and self-worth. In my state of celibacy, recovery and life changes, being around you is inspiring me to write more ---and learn more about myself. I’ve also learned some things about you that might not work for me, but I’ve learned a lot of things about what I want in a partner.

Dogwalker: I love you just the way you are and no, you are not the typical girl I have dated in some aspects, but in my eyes, the typical girls I have dated have not worked out to date, so no biggie wink emoticon I will be changing it up in the future that is for sure! As for your manifestation / self-worth...I believe you will find that you can and will get everything that you ask for my lady! Trust me! In my eyes it is an ignorant thought to think as a human with all of our capacities to think that we do not create absolutely everything in our lives.


Jenna: Working with you in dog training has been amazing, and I have really seen you shine through your life’s purpose. You are totally part k-9! Your down to earth vibes and calm demeanor just makes you pleasure to work with and it’s so clear how connected with the animals you are. You are also incredibly professional. It’s quite amazing to see actually. Picasso is becoming a well-rounded dog being a part of your program, and I’m becoming a well-rounded human because of your influence in that part of my life.

Dogwalker: It has been my joy over the years to work with so many people and K9's alike. I feel like I am truly cheating the system by doing something I lvd to do, that does not feel like a job and also that is enough to supply me with enough financial support to live the simple yet full life I have always desired.

Jenna: You have a way of making people feel important. Your attention seems to focus into seeing, encouraging and supporting people wherever they are at. It’s a really lovely quality and something that I hope you don’t ever change or lose. I feel like when we talk sometimes that you see me, the way I see myself and that is a wonderful thing! To be seen and heard. To me that is the definition of “love” – and you really do embody this. You are walking definition “love.” It seems like you genuinely love people, and they genuinely love you. That’s why women fall all over you, and you have such strong friendships. You’re a genuinely nice person. I totally try to live my life this way, and it’s nice to see someone who does the same thing.

Dogwalker: You seeing this is interesting and surprising to me because I feel like you are probably one of the very few people who see this in me. This is how I see myself, how I feel inside when I am interacting with others and all that I wish for for others. Others come first in my eyes, they always have. I want nothing but for each individual on this planet to seek the highest for themselves, not let anything stand in there way, be humble and confident in their goals, ambitions and to lend others support along the way as well. I feel that this can sometimes be what gets me into some pickles. Walking around loving people in that way, looking the way I do, having the drive that I do and for the most part being down for whatever and choosing to say yes most of the time can add up to some broken hearts. I am working on how I can change that last part though. I owe meditation, constantly being self-refelctive and my mother and sister for this quality of being present and seeing people in each moment. damn it can get intense though. Being on-point all the time....whoa. I would not have it any other way though I have to say.

Jenna: You have a part of you that’s a Pandora’s box -- a lone wolf, (secrecy is a big Scorpio trait) a part of you that is super compelling to try to figure out, but also something that it’s nice that you keep just for yourself. It’s the part of you that is the hardest to get to, and the girl you end up with will likely have cracked that code, and you’ll be in, and they’ll be in, without reservations. How wonderful for you to be deeply connected to others, but have a sense of self that is just for you.

Dogwalker: I have honestly not figured this one out as of yet. You are absolutely correct about the lone wolf bit and keeping a part to myself. I have not quit determined whether giving myself wholly to another individual is going to happen. To a degree I feel like I gave myself to myself. I spent a lot of time alone while others spent time with others. I feel to a degree I gave myself my all and I trust myself fully as opposed to someone else. But at the same time, I feel like the love you described that I walk around with above is also a way that I trust and give myself to each moment, each person and each interaction. In a way I date everyone. I may "hide" stuff in some peoples eyes, but to a degree I suppose I just do not offer up nor dump my stuff out onto everyone. I process it inside and if I need to express something or need help, I ask for it with no qualms. I feel a lot of people just talk and dump their emotions and stuff onto others, almost talking to themselves through others, hearing them themselves talk for validation or security. There are definitely people who bottle things up as well for sure, but I feel as though I am an open book if asked a question on any given topic. But referencing Pandora's box, I realize I can be a bit intense at times for sure, being in the moment can be that way. Being so present in the moment can be hard for a lot of people. Making eye contact for a long time can be difficult for some. being quiet can be difficult for some. I am comfortable with that silence, the moment, the unknown of what someone is thinking and not speaking. aaaaaannnnyways....moving on wink emoticon

Jenna: Your level of maturity and responsibility and passion for what you do is really sexy. You have a tendency to do good things and do them well. Learning how to create a job for yourself where you employ your friends is commendable. I see you entrepreneurial spirit and your big thinking, and your passion and I think – Yep, I want to be with someone who has that!

Dogwalker: Growing up it was silently and softly pounded into my sister and I's heads to follow our hearts, ask ourselves why we want this or that to make sure we ACTUALLY wanted it, or if it was just societies influence. We were urged and supported to seek the highest first, to not try and own or capture the pastures themselves individually, but to capture the fort that owns them all, to always do what makes us truly happy (not the fleeting happiness accompanied by drugs, flings, the senses etc.) To know that, by knowing which, everything is known. Our own selves to the core, inside out, good and bad, strong and weak, lovable and hate-able (that is a word right?smile emoticon Always, always, always, do what makes us happy, screw the rest. We are not here to waste our limited time, energy and life. Plus, why would one subject themselves to something that is not enjoyable? The funny thing is, is that after you do that for a long time, all of life truly becomes what you want. ALL OF IT! The good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. Then there is no difference between what makes you happy and what does not, it just kind of flows. moving on...

Jenna: You seem to be genuinely happy most of the time. Except for when you are working too much and not taking care of yourself. I adore that you don’t talk negatively about anyone, and you are always looking at positives. I think you are one of the least judgmental people I’ve ever met.

Dogwalker: Thank you. I am not super good with compliments, assuming that is a compliment wink emoticon I have not ever realize that I do not talk negatively about anyone. I have not ever noticed. People have mentioned it, but again, I have not ever noticed. I notice when others do, that is for sure. I am ok with that wink emoticon All people in my eyes are intrinsically good. They/we just learn to be not so good. Then again, is there good or bad in the world? If so, without the one can there be the other? I truly believe everything works out for the best, good and bad. This is life, without one, there would not be the other. Without rain, there is no rainbows for fuck sake!

Jenna: You’re multi-passionate, with appreciation for good design, family, art, and nature. Your rustic, nature influenced, down-home aesthetic, appreciation and love for your family, your fashion sense, your art, your love of nature… I'm so proud of you for getting back to your roots, and living off the land!. I bet you listen to country music and you don’t even feel the slightest bit ashamed of it.

Dogwalker: Why the heck would I be ashamed to listen to country music?!?!?!?! I do it everyday for pete sake! I have always liked good design...I suppose, then again, what I may think is good design others may not. I guess it is a matter or preference. I am pretty selfish with the things I do and pursue, going back to doing what makes me happy. My art for example, I thought it would be cool to make bullet casings into an american flag cause it represents so many different aspects of the US and I shoot a quite a bit each year. So I did it and apparently others think it is cool as well.

Jenna: You aren’t afraid to be exactly who you are. Enough said.

Dogwalker: nuff said

Jenna: You are a big thinker and a deep thinker – I have such a hard time finding people to connect with me on the deep levels of conversation. Even the guy I almost married could not do these things. You seem to be okay with expressing feelings, emotions and experiences in a totally transparent way. You know you could do anything you put your mind to, and in this way I feel like you and I are totally kindred spirits! This thing alone makes me want to be around you all the time.

Dogwalker: I generally choose to put my attention on the deeper and finer things/levels in life. I feel those are the things that are most overlooked and hold the greatest insights and power. Also, thinking BIG or outside the box is something I get from my mother and her father. They are and have always been massively big and out of the box and plain middle ground.

Jenna: You always take my suggestions and put them into action – I love this so much. I give you suggestions on things and you listen and it makes me feel like you respect and admire me, and think that I have great ideas, and for that I think you are really smart!

Dogwalker: Why would I not pay attention to the things that are presented to me on a daily basis. To me that is the mindset of someone who is closed off and most likely stagnant in their own happiness. I like to take everything that is before me to heart and ponder whether or not it jives with my current state of mind or can help me with pushing through anything I am having difficulty with. I appreciate all of your suggestions and insights both to date and in this analysis of hottie mcdogwalker wink emoticon I am not so sure I am smart, maybe just aware. Depends on your definition of smart I suppose wink emoticon

Jenna: You might be too good looking. I have seen women drool all over you, and be crazy territorial over you. I have heard the stories from you of the women with the insecurities. If I was in your shoes, I’d be like a kid in a candy store, and having as much candy as possible. So I don’t blame you at all, with the millions of sex requests you get on an annual basis. Haha! You are a guy, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I would say for the vast majority of women that might be tough. It makes sense why you have gone for model types, so the drooling over them by others would be more of an equal playing ground?

Dogwalker: Model types? Haha. I don't consider myself having gone for model types at all actually. From my standpoint I feel I have gone for the more midwest, homegrown kind of girls. Not really redneck or farm girls per se, but def homegrown and frumpy / ok with being dirty kind of girls. (dirty as in literal dirty, not in the sexual sense wink emoticon Again, I am not sure of the hot thing, I do not consider myself hot. I do not look in the mirror and think that, I just walk through life as who I am, innocently in my opinion and when the opportunities in regards to woman present themselves, I do my best to be clear headed whilst entering or engaging with them because I am usually abreast of their intentions. While I enjoy sex, it is NOT a top priority of mine. It is but a drop in the ocean that makes up a relationship and therefore, jumping at all of the woman who come across my path is not high on my list of things to do. Also, along with this too good looking comment, it does not make weeding out the trueness of a girls heart easy. A lot of time I feel looked at as a possession or to a degree a piece of meat and to your comment, the territorialness (made this word up as well) that ensures is not very fun because I usually peace out which sucks for both parties involved.

Jenna: You might be poly or okay with cheating? So did you have sex with the girl on my floor, while you had a girlfriend? Or were you in an open relationship? I’m very curious about this.

Dogwalker: I did not have sex with her, no and no ma'am, we were not in an open relationship. She was in one, I was not. As for cheating, I have done it in the past and I am not ok with it. That being said, I have done it. It is a tough thing to engage in, but in my experience, it usually stems from a lack of fulfillment in either myself or the relationship that I am in and therefore I seek that fulfillment elsewhere. Each time I have either cheated or even spent time with a female friend more than 3-4 times in a week, it usually is a signal that there is something up in my relationship unfortunately. All in all though, I do not wish to cheat in the future, but rather to be both fulfilled in my own skin and relationship in order to not allow those circumstances to arise or to squash them immediately if they do.

Jenna: You might hurt people, and not mean to. Women fall all over you, and you love having friends. Women cross that line with you often, with hopes of more, and you enjoy the attention, but sometimes you just wish they could be friends and that’s it. So they might get a bit upset about that. (This is all purely speculation, not personal experience)

Dogwalker: I would not say that woman cross that line often, but they have the openness or would prefer to and I sense and read that. This is and has been a tough one because all I want to do is be neutral, see people for who they are while not digging any desire talons or intentions into them. just a neutral, balanced and symbiotic relationship. Most of the time this gets jumbled by a desire to indulge either in more time or physically which to a degree is simply natural. The more time you spend with another person, the more you naturally start to open up, become comfortable and begin to trust and enjoy the other person. The trick is, how can one maintain themselves, while functioning in this world and not being swayed or pulled by the pangs of all of its awesomeness, but rather boldly, selflessly and humbly observe and appreciate it all like watching the sun rise or set which you cannot take or possess (minus taking a goddamn photo or video of it these days wink emoticon

Jenna: You might not be ready for something serious - You just got out of a 8 month relationship, but it seems like you have this pattern of dating women who have similar insecurity issues or won’t be on the same page as you when you are all in. Even more than this, you said the one you almost got engaged to, was the only one that you never wanted to look at anyone else. I think that you’ll be ready when you can take on a certain amount of real vulnerability. You can find someone who makes mistakes with you, and you want to work through them with that person, instead of without much deliberation. I totally love that you have high standards for yourself though.

Dogwalker: I know in my heart that I will either find someone to walk alongside and enjoy this beautiful planet and experience that we call life with or that I won't and along the way still experience a plethora of individuals with whom I share the same thing with, just not one in particular. I am not opposed to either really. Whatever happens or I choose to create I will do so for myself. I firmly believe that in an odd way, all of my life, or anyones life, is in their hands. We are the creator, the experiencer and observer. At any moment, at any given time, we create and at the same time, we do not. The high standards are just happiness, maintaining it and always choosing the things in life that are going to help the feeling of that happiness grow. It is an ever changing landscape, but at the same time, there is a foundation to it all that when realized, cultured and "watered", will ground you in a clarity that enables to to enjoy eery second, of every moment with any individual, soul or object.


DOGWALKER: Thank you for the homework miss. It was a pleasure to think about these things. I really mean that! It has been a while since I have reflected on some of these topics or rather had to put them into words which definitely can help with processing and growing. So, THANK YOU! Let me know if you have any questions or comments darlin. See you soon I am sure. Lets grab dinner and or a coffee soon. Cheers! -- HMDW

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